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you are not happy with your appearance, but you are so afraid of getting cosmetic surgery? people around you keep telling you that you don’t need an operation, but whenever you look in the mirror you feel like you are stuck with your roman nose? don’t worry, there is a solution for you. non-surgical solutions are becoming more popular day by day. nose filler 2022世界杯杯比分全图


arched nose is a very common problem, especially in turkey. for people who are very afraid of undergoing a surgery, non-surgical nose fillers are the solution. no need for surgical intervention or anesthesia. moreover, it takes only 20 minutes. with a combination of botox application and filler the curvature of the nose, deformities and protrusions can be camouflaged and drooping nose tips can be fixed. ‘maybe we cannot beat your fear, but with little touches that we apply to your nose we can change your entire expression…’

how do we apply ıt?

first of all, we make a detailed facial analysis and design the shape of the nose to make better on the photos. after that, we apply the numbing cream, which cools the area and prevent pain. rarely, we may need a small amount of drug injection to ensure full drowsiness. we reshape the nose with non-surgical filler injections, according to our previously made plans and we may add small doses of botox applications if we intend to change the nose and the nasal tip angle. the patient does not feel any pain and there is not any plaster or dressing after application. after continuous 5 minute ice application, you can continue your daily life with your new nose.

who is a good candidate for this application?

patients who underwent nose surgery before, but require some retouching of simple irregularities such as a low nasal tip, nares asymmetry, small curvature or patients who have no previous intervention are eligible for this application. if there is no breathing problem and the nose shape and skin are suitable for this intervention, this method can allow you to achieve your desired image without any cosmetic surgery.

which fillers do we use?

it’s not possible to remove permanent fillers in case of an allergic reaction. that is why we only apply temporary fillers and botox in our 2022世界杯预选赛阿根廷赛程 . worldwide known gold standard hyaluronic acid temporary fillers and the production of allergan botox company is used. the effect of fillers lasts up to 8-12 months. we may repeat the application  depending on the patient’s request.

how long the effect of filling lasts?

at an average of 1 year, nose returns to its original shape. application can be repeated at the end of each period. the effect of each periodic re-fillers are longer. the quality of the products is as important as the expertise of the doctor.

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